CCP Behavioral Health Services – Telemedicine and COVID-19 Response

We are here for you at this time. To connect with one of our Behavioral Health Consultants via telemedicine or over the phone, it’s as simple as calling our behavioral health schedulers at 518-836-3656 or 518-213-0584, requesting an appointment using our “Become Our Patient” form on our website, or calling your doctor to let him/her know you want to be seen. Within a short time, you will be connected to one of our licensed counselors. We welcome new patients, including patients who are not already a part of Community Care Physicians. 

Community Care Physicians offers access to licensed mental health counselors and clinical social workers as Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) in most of our practices.  These Behavioral Health Providers assist our patients with mental health issues, stress, coping, behavior and lifestyle change, and the behavioral management of chronic disease.

At this time, all BHCs are adapting to the demands and changes COVID-19 has brought our way to maintain and enhance our services.  In addition to our “regular” services which we are continuing via telemedicine, we are also offering assistance to patients who as experiencing stressors of any kind in response to the pandemic.  This means that we can help if:

  • You are having difficulty adjusting to anything COVID-related: working from home, social distancing, shelter in place, homeschooling etc.
  • You have found that you are having trouble sleeping, are not eating as well and generally not taking good care of yourself
  • Are experiencing
    • a worsening of any current behavioral health or substance use issues
    • Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones
  • Or are looking for additional emotional support

Taking care of yourself can help you cope with stress, particularly at this time.  Taking care of yourself will allow you to better help your friends, your family, and make your community stronger.  A one-time visit with a BHC may be all you need to assist you with any stressors.  All visits take place via telemedicine.

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