What Do I Owe When I See the Behavioral Health Consultant?

To assist you in understanding your responsibility for payment for behavioral Health services we have developed the following table below. Behavioral health differs in payment models from your medical visits and your behavioral health consultant may not yet par with your insurance. Either way we have you covered so you can see one of our BHCs at a relatively low cost. The sections below explain this for you.

If We Par with Your Insurance

We will collect your primary care copayment for your visit. Some insurances do not charge a co-pay for behavioral health services. If this is the case, you will be refunded for any amount overpaid.

Addition charges, that are your responsibility, may apply for:

  • Deductable/co-insurance plans
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, most insurances are not charging copayments or any out of pocket fees for patients engaging in counseling at this time.

If We Are Not Par with Your Insurance

Out of pocket fee is $40.00